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[08 Nov 2006|06:12pm]
So, I woke up super late.
I have a cold too. A really stuffed up nose cold.
anyway, uh - oh I took my mum to get this procedure done at the hospital and now I am wearing her allergie bracelet, it's red and hardcore.
okay not really.

I have to go to school in an hour, I really am wanting to go but I feel so crappy.
see if I don't go to school I'll miss another social class (cause I missed Social yesterday).
so that is the only reason I am going. oh and to see Jamie before he goes on his fishing trip.
OH AND so I don't sleep all afternoon and feel super groggy for work, yes I am working tonight - because they really needed me apparently.

Jamie and I hung out last night, we just did what we always do: hang out in his basement and play Mario Party. but we played the new improved Mario Party 7. it's really weird, but I had fun. Oh and I think he is the one who made me sick but I was sick yesterday and he only kissed me slightly yesterday and now I am full blown sick, but that's okay.
He's coughing a lot though, and I'm sniffling.
oh and we ordered pizza too, it was good. and he said thank you like five times. he's so sweet.

Next week we are finally celebrating my Birthday, well actually to me it's going to be a very nice dinner with my family and Jamie and .. people will give me presents.
so next week will be cool, oh and Jamie and I are going to see Borat next week too.
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[28 Oct 2006|06:24pm]
so lately, I haven't been doing much. I work three days a week, go to school and see Jamie.
Work is good, Ryan is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Ever. He's amazing.
I sound like I have a crush on him, and I do in a way - like in a "you-are-a-sweet-person" way.
We work tommorow together, and on Wednesday and I might go to his house on Halloween.

he doesn't like me at all in that way, he likes some other girl we work with. I am not going to lie, I am kindof jealous.
So in other boy news, Jamie and I have been decent. I hope he follows through and decides to be with me on Halloween. .. he is working on my Birthday. BOO! so I am celebrating with Byron.

I am not in the mood to really write right now.
I will .. later?!
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[08 Oct 2006|11:28pm]
This weekend has been nice.
I strained something in my back so it's been very sore for awhile,
but last night we had a staff screening of Trailer Park Boys and I got to bring Jamie.
we went to Denny's beforehand and some people from work were already there, and Ryan was there and they finally got to meet - haha.

Jamie loves them, he can see why I love working there. I think they loved him too.
He is so sweet, he was all wanting to make a good impression asking me what he should wear, as much as I hate some of his hawaiian shirts - I'd hate to be the girlfriend who wants to change things about her man. I love him the way he is.

When we dropped him off at like 4am, I came into say good night and when we were kissing he told me he hoped my friends liked me, aww. I hate saying goodbye to him - I always never want to go.

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[21 Sep 2006|09:08am]
I have like three minutes to make a entry, I am so lame.
I have to get ready for school soon, anyway so I woke up with a sore throat and stuffed up nose.
I am so sad and it's that time of the month, ugh. How lame.
lame lame lame.

I am so glad tommorow is Friday, and now that I feel all gross and sick I am glad I work day shifts this weekend - but I still want to do something Saturday night.
I really miss Ryan and Davood, these two guys I work with - especially Ryan, we added eachother to msn but I think he is on when I am at school or like at 4am.

anyway, today is my auditon for the big play that goes on every year.
It's after school which is okay, but I feel so crappy and yeah.
okay now I have two minutes, ummmm what is new and exciting.

Jamie's dad got remarried on Saturday, it was .. different. Like Jamie had to be all family orientated so I just really hung out with his Aunt on his mum's side in the kitchen,
they hired HER for catering at first she was like no.. and then felt bad, she is so nice.

I apparently looked really nice, I'll post pictures.
I don't know if I told you this livejournal, but I got my hair cut really short and I hate it.
but everyone is all it's great, it's cute, it's chic and I'm like no, but thanks :D

yeah, Jamie and I hung out after school on Tuesday and played mario party and like made out, like oh my god. THEN HIS BROTHER HAD AN ACCIDENT ON HIS BIKE SO WE WENT TO GO GET HIM STITCHES.
very cool.
but really scary, I was scared I was going to see him cry - that would break my heart.

umm this entry is all over the place,
oh yesterday - I was waiting for my mum to pick up some stuff at Staples - so I got to go to Winners and I bought playboy underwear, hahahaha. So ~sexy~

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[13 Sep 2006|11:48am]
I am on spare right now. like spare period for school, you know when you don't do anything.
except talk to your ebffz online and go on livejournal.
How exciting.

It's raining right now, and I planned on going to the mall after school.
I want to go still, mainly because Jamie is going with me and is going to help me decide what to get for my mum's birthday.

So yesterday, I got to watch Byron play Ocarina of time. MAN. I love that game, it's so dope.
and we just chilled. it was cool, we are planning to have a sleepover next Saturday. sweet sweet sweet!

The wedding of Jamie's dad and future new wife is this Saturday.
I need to find shoes, tonight. let's hope.

I just sneezed and my monitor is all gross now.
I am one sick kid.
I am going to go eat lunch now.
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